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Go On, Zap Shaytan

⭐️⭐️⭐️One of our favorites⠀

I have been looking forward to getting this book for literally TWO YEARS!!! And finalllyyy its here!!! It does NOT disappoint!⠀

This book is the second in this series from @razana_noor and @kubepublishing, both in the same style.

The first was “My Special Angels” about the kiraman Katibeen (the angels that record our deeds) and it is still one of our favorite books years later❤️⠀

This book is all about the shaytan (each person has a qareen that tries to get a person to do evil deeds), and about the little boy trying to “zap” shaytan and get his evil whispers away!⠀

The book doesn’t show any images of shaytan, and seems very islamically accurate, with only references that he is made of “invisible fire” and only one image of some fire on one page.⠀

I love how adhan, quran, the basmallah, and the Audhoobillah statements are all mentioned- teaching kids to use these islamic tools (written in bold) to overcome shaytan.⠀

The boy realizes how to overcome Shaytan and do good deeds throughout the day, zapping him away, and achieving Jannah (insha Allah).⠀

My kids enjoyed this book a lot, pointing out the boys Nintendo switch, his superhero figures, and his love of sports! The illustrations really helped the kids relate to the book and they were engaged the whole time I read it!⠀

Written in the same flowing rhythmic format like the other book, illustrated similarly, and in the same high quality hard cover and glossy pages, this is another MUST-HAVE for little ones!⠀

Get yours from islamicbooks4kids.usa


price: 11 usd

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