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Golden Girl by Reem Faruqi

My heart!!!! Honestly, one of the most real and raw (and beautiful) books on what its like to be a Muslim girl ❤️

Genre: Upper MG

Ages: I would suggest 11/12-15

Available: my Amazon page

Screening: slight mention of crushes, body awareness in terms of flirting/stares, stealing/kleptomania (none are serious/I would label it clean!)

Aafiyah is a seventh grade Muslim girl that is growing into her teenage body. She has a loving family, a wealthy lifestyle, a best friend, and a budding tennis talent! But she has one “little” problem- she can’t help herself when it comes to stealing. She steals her friends lipgloss, makeup, her teachers rainbow prism, pencil sharpeners…and then feels guilty after. On traveling back from a vacation to Pakistan, her dad is stopped by authorities in Dubai and arrested- for her flaw-STEALING! Her dad is innocent, but his legal bills, grandpa’s cancer bills, and other problems, cause the family to struggle financially. This propels Aafiyah back to stealing (even with her internal struggle)…what happens? (You’ll have to read to find out!!)

This book explores what it is like to try to be a good Muslim, yet have flaws that are hard to overcome! How relatable for every Muslim, even if kleptomania is not their personal struggle! My emotions were pulled in, my tears flowed, and I found myself cheering on for Aafiyah to grow and learn and find contentment. And Islam was central for her❤️

I loved the added touches of important facts, and the innocent voice make the protagonist such an amazing and likeable character.

I loved how Aafiyah talks of her struggle with beauty, at times liking it, and at times not- and is so true of every young girl. I also liked how the Muslim boy in the story was portrayed!

Ayahs, hadith, Islamic morals, hijab and how it is done for Allah, Masjid going, prayers, duaas, Islamic gender rules mentioned, and more- ALL just showing Aafiyahs lived authentic experience as a Muslim!

A beautiful book by @reemfaruqi and one again inspired in part by true events she has witnessed or experienced! A def must have on every teenage Muslim girls shelf- and I can’t wait for my girls to read it!

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