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Good Deeds: Just to Please Allah

Genre: Board Book⠀

Ages: 0-3⠀

Available:@bismillahbees @muslim.memories


Islamic notes: see below⠀

This is a sweet and sturdy board book for little ones full of good deeds for little ones to learn.⠀

The book contains 5 good deeds and how in doing them, “your home will be jannah”. I loved these good deeds, though I didn’t understand their order. ⠀

Two were dhikr, one was helping others, one was loving the Prophets, and one was reading Quran. While I realize they are good deeds, I felt like they didn’t have a more overall theme or concept. I would have liked to see this book maybe more about the 6 pillars of Iman. That would be so usefuland unique for kids to learn, and loving the prophets/reading Quran are part of two of them.⠀

Honestly, while I liked the 5 pillars book that is similar in style to this one, I was unsure about this book. While stating that the five pillars lead to Jannah didn’t bother me as much (because the five pillars are the essence of the deen and inshaAllah there is a hadith that says practicing the five pillars sincerely and faithfully will lead to Jannah), in this book, the statement felt uncomfortable. ⠀

Statements such as “if you try improving, your home will be Jannah” made me feel unsure. I feel like had the book said, “if you do good deeds, you will aim for Jannah”, that would have been more comfortable and accurate, without offering a promise of something no one can really be sure of. Again, I am not sure about this in terms of islamic validity, but I do feel like better wording would have improved the book.⠀

I almost felt like using the same format of the books in both board books made it seem too copied and a little lazy, and the rhymes seemed more forced in this one as well.⠀

The last page was a fun line activity for remembering the good deeds. This remains our favorite part of these cute books!

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