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This brilliant book collaboration of 4 amazing Muslim authors just held my heart from the very first word and didn’t let go❤️❤️❤️

Genre: Middle Grade

Ages: 9-12 (and up in my opinion)

Authors: Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow, Huda Al-Marashi, S.K.Ali, and Aisha Saeed

Cover by Celia Krampien

Published by Amulet/Abrams Books

Feek, Hannah (yes, THE HANNAH CHEN iykyk), Sami, and Nora are stuck in the airport overnight when their flights are grounded due to a storm. There is also a missing cat stuck in the airport, and so these four team up together (albeit reluctantly at first and under direct order from Hannah) to find the missing Snickerdoodle. The stakes go up as they encounter danger (is there something fishy happening to the animals via transit?), upset the first class lounge (this scene had me cracking up), and run around solving this mystery!

Ahhh this book y’all🥰🥰 My heart had all the feels, and I went on a whole journey with these four characters!!

I loved all the twists and turns and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! I loved the resolution and they way all the main characters also discovered things about their own selves through solving this mystery and finding the lost cat.

I loved the way all four of these kids are different heritages and yet all Muslim, and the way they all connect with each other and embody and acknowledge the diversity of our ummah!

With lots of chocolate, adventure, unicorn headbands, cats!!!!!, and lots of amazing spoken word and rapping from Feek (this kid has my whole heart), this book is one hundred percent going to be a favorite on your shelf!

And so much unapologetic Muslim rep! Prayer, salat, wudu, duaa, hijabs! This book had it all❤️

And I had to dedicate a sentence to Ruqi- Feek’s little sister who truly is the cutest and sweetes little four year old❤️❤️

This book made me laugh, cry, smile- all the feels, and it is truly a must have for every reader!! (Yall im an adult and I loved it-buy it!!!)

PREORDER before the May 2023 release date!!! Preorders offer support to amazing authors like these four❤️ (also- please collaborate again guys! I loved it❤️❤️)


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