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Hadith for Kids

This is one my kid’s favorites (and mine as well!)

This collection of 30 authentic Ahadith of the Prophet(pbuh) written by Zanib Mian is perfect for ages 4 and up.

Each Hadith comes with a cute and silly illustration, as well as a kid-friendly explanation and a section of comments on how to apply it in real life.

The explanations and comments are written in a goofy way, and my kids laughed at all the ridiculous situations that were described! The fun does not take away from the lessons learned; it actually just made it easier for them to remember the Ahadith.

The thirty Hadith all deal with super important real-life issues like taking care of neighbors, controlling anger, not talking bad about others, etc..

This is a must have for Muslim kids!

Get your copy at Siraj - An Islamic Lifestyle Store for under 17 usd.


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