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Hajj Activity book

Genre: Hajj Activity Book⠀

Age: 4-8⠀


What an adorable Hajj activity book! There are not many out there, and I feel like this book definitely fills a void in Hajj products.⠀

This booklet (I would say it is similar to a magazine style with slightly thicker pages) comes with a beautiful HUGE sticker pack and a Eid postcard/Eid card. These two items are so glossy and high quality and the kids were so excited about them! They are perfect for getting excited for Eid.⠀

The activity book does an amazing job of explaining Hajj, but in a simplified way that is suitable for 4-8 year olds. It doesn’t go into details and just gives a look at what Hajj is and its importance as a pillar of Islam.⠀

The sacrifice was discussed, albeit a little overly, and fun activities are present on each page to increase excitement and teach children about this lovely time.⠀

The Qiblah arrow was another favorite page, with a page that can be cut out and it can be stuck on a wall to remind kids of the direction to pray. ⠀

I would say this activity book is a perfect gift for Eid Al-Adha as it is mostly fun activities that littles can enjoy and that are all about this Eid.⠀

The story included was a little simple, and needed more editing, but it seemed similar to stories included commonly in magazines I have read before.⠀

@radiance_of_delight also sent us her Names of Allah poster and dhikr stickers and they are soo cute. Worth taking a look at on her site and high quality!

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