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Halal Hot Dogs

Using my platform to #upliftpalestinianvoices and #palestinianauthors 💚

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 4-9

Available: @crescentmoonbookstore

This new release from Palestinian-American @librarycatnyc is absolutely amazing!!

Musa is a little boy excited that it’s finally his turn to pick the post-jummah treat for the family! After hilarious (and quite frankly somewhat gross😅) choices by the rest of the family members, he knows what he wants- halal hotdogs from a street vendor across the Masjid.

After sitting somewhat patiently during the Khutbah, he rushes out to stand in line. He grabs the bag to go, but when it is opened at home, the inside of the bag isn’t what he wanted! (To the disappointment of his sassy little sister Maryam). But not all is lost, as he still manages to find a solution in the end!

I loved this book soooo much! From the illustrations of yummy food everywhere, to the mischievous cute nature of this little boy, to the little girl with attitude I am sure is present in each family with girls (I have three😅), to the wonderful Seedi representative of every amazing Arab grandfather doting on his grandkids!

The story is full of Islamic representation and terms like Halal, Masjid, Jummah, Khutbah, Salat, hijabs, and a special “Salam” (Arabic for peace, the greeting of Muslims) sauce! There is even a special glossary at the end and an explanation of what “Halal” food means!

💚💚One of my favorite things about the book was the Palestinian touches everywhere on the pages! The term for grandfather (Seedi), the Keffiyeh shown in the title and proudly worn, the thobes the Mom and Maryam wear, the special Debke the family does (a traditional Palestinian dance), and all the yummy Palestinian food! This is so wonderful to see, especially in a traditional book, as it shows the beauty of Palestinian heritage and works against the dehuminization of Palestinians unfortunately present in the media!

This book is so wonderful and relatable to children of all backgrounds and it helps both Muslim and Palestinian children feel seen in books!!

💚A portion of proceeds from each book is donated to UNRWA USA- which helps Palestinian refugees!

price: 18 usd


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