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Hana's Hundreds of Hijab

A beautiful book on hijab, and one that radiates joy at being a hijabi on each page.

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 4-8

Author: Razeena Omar Gutta

Illustrator: Manal Mirza

Publisher: Barefoot Books

Hana has hundreds of hijabs, and she’s so obsessed with styling them that she is late to everything- something her teachers and mom dislike. After watching her aunt Huda style people’s hair at her salon, she gets an idea- she can style people too!

Using her collection, Hana styles others hijabs and hair accessories- and feels sparkly inside at all the smiles she sees.

The joy on each page made me and my daughters really happy- as it truly shows hijab as fun and stylish, which is how young girls typically view hijab. Hana is young and it is understandable she would love dressing up and fashion-centering her hijab, and I appreciated that her strong mom was mentioned as her inspiration- as many kids (including myself) are first inspired to don hijab in that way too. I imagine that as she grows, Hana feels her own faith through wearing hijab (with less emphasis on centering fashion) and finds her own strength like Mama (giving her prized collection to make others happy is a beautiful way to start).❤️

I really appreciated the note at the end explaining more about hijab and the interviews with the author and illustrator. I love that Yaqeen Institute was suggested for more hijab information, considering Hijab is such a deeply faith-led concept in Islam, and would also suggest pairing this book with another for story-times- possibly Deep in the Sahara (another beautiful fiction pb on hijab that centers faith).

A beautiful story and one that me and my daughters enjoyed❤️

Fun Fact: this won our @muslimbookreviewers best illustrated book of the year award❤️


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