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Hani and Huda

Graphic novels are always a huge hit for my kids and this was no exception! Genre: Middle Grade Graphic Novel Ages: 9-12 Author and Illustrator: @philz.draws Publisher: @tughrabooks This middle grade graphic novel follows the adventures of Hani and Huda, a brother sister duo! These two Muslim kids learn Islamic lessons while taking tests at school, making friendships, and even failing at fashion! Made up of 8 stories, the kids learn values like controlling anger, being patient, apologizing when making mistakes, and treating the poor with kindness. The book is hilarious, and although the stories at times seemed to connect and at times not, and the themes did come off as preachy, I actually did not mind it at all. I think the form of a graphic novel makes it a unique way to tell stories and kids are sure to love looking at the beautiful pictures, and laughing at the funny situations. Also, about the preachiness, I actually enjoyed it in a medium such as this. It almost became a nonfiction manual, as the line between islamic morals and arty fiction was blurred, and I think parents and kids alike will really enjoy this. Similar in style to Lala Comics, this is a great MG companion to the YA graphic novel pub’d by Tughra last year (if you havent- go check it out!) I love this hardcover book and am glad to add it to our bookshelf! #muslimgraphicnovel #middlegradeformuslimkids#middlegrade #diversemiddlegrade #muslimkids#muslimbooks #muslimparenting #muslimbooksfortweens

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