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Hats Of Faith

Updated: May 7, 2020

This is the perfect book to start a discussion with our children about the diverse world around us!

It is super important to introduce different characters through books, so that we can increase the tolerance our kids have from a young age. Sometimes, our kids live in a bubble of our own circle of friends and family, and they might get confused when they see someone different from them. (As a hijabi, I have experienced many children in public spaces loudly and curiously asking their mothers why I am wearing something on my head, before being shushed lol) Diverse books help to bridge this gap and help towards a more loving and peaceful world❤️

This book showcases the different head-coverings that people wear for different cultural and religious reasons. Each covering is displayed with the correct pronunciation, which is super important and a great step towards understanding different cultures. I also love how the book starts with saying that the covering of the head is done by many as a display of their love of God, which also teaches young Muslims that hijabi women are not alone in this observance (though it may feel that way sometimes)!

Get this beautiful board book from Amazon for 11.44 usd.


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