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Homeland: My Father Dreams of Palestine

A beautiful book on Palestine and the connection that kids in the diaspora feel to the land that their grandparents hold the keys for still in Palestine and left behind during the Nakba.

Genre: Picture book

Ages: 4-8

Author: Hannah Moushabeck

Illustrator: Reem Madooh

Publisher: Chronicle Kids Books

Preorder before the March 28th release date!

This book is a gorgeous story that authentically shares so many beautiful parts of being Palestinian and the connection that Palestinian children have to their homeland.

The story starts with a little girl who is in bed, waiting for her dad to come and tell stories to her and her little sisters. She mentions that her favorite stories are those of Palestine, their homeland. combining funny, fart jokes (ful iykyk) with sweet memories- the story shows Jerusalem and the times before the Nakba. The diversity of the streets in the languages and the religions and ethnicities of people in Jerusalem, living side-by-side- the beautiful cafés with the storytellers that are present even in my own country of Syria, the markets that are full with beautiful items, the neighborhoods of people who love each other, the songs of Oum Koulthoum floating from windowsills- the church bells of the city mixing with the athan from the Masjids, the delicious foods and juices from the juice man and pink pickles- and the beautiful way the birds of Palestine fly back to the courtyard of their homes.

The key at the end that is present in Palestinian homes and memories signifies the yearning of the family to see their homeland one day.

I loved the author’s note that gave background to the true story of the author’s grandfather fleeing his home in the Nakba (which broke my heart) and glossary- and especially the photos showing the memories. It was very authentic and will be so educational for readers.

Def a sweet book and one full of memories and hope and the beauty of Palestine❤️🇵🇸


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