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How to Scare A Monster

This book by @zanibmian is perfect for younger kids, ages 2 and up.

Each page is made of big words on a black background and a simple picture of an alien/monster. The story speaks of how to get rid of a monster, and says that though you can hide under the bed, or call ur mom, to get rid of it you need to scare it.

Then it says the best way to scare a monster is through....the name of Allah! The last page is white, symbolizing the monsters running away and the light (Noor) turning on, representing what happens when a person seeks refuge in Allah (saying: audhu billah).

I absolutely loved this book! Young children always have fears of monsters or even shaytan, and I loved teaching my kids that Allah has power over everything! This teaches children to depend on Allah and call on him when they are scared. It reminded me of a Saad Tasleemlecture at our masjid a few weeks ago about how shaytan might whisper and whisper, but once you mention Allah’s name, all his hard work is undone!

May we always remember to mention Allah!

Get this book from Eastern Toybox CA dollars.


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