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Huda F Are You

Alllll the feels while reading this book❤️⁠

Genre: YA graphic novel⁠

Ages: 12/13 and up⁠

Available: Amazon/Kindle, @muslim.memories ⁠, @happystreet_store

Screening: mentions of crush, period, and alluding to but not saying the F word (obviously lol)⁠

Huda and her family move to Dearborn to be closer to a Muslim community. At first, Huda seems to think being Muslim will help her fit in. But then, as most Muslim teens discover, Muslims are not a monolith and she’s wondering which Muslims she can connect with as friends- and thus her journey to finding her identity begins.⁠

This story was so real and so raw, it had me crying. For one second, it almost felt like I was transported back in time to high school. It really isn’t easy to figure out who you want to be and what life you want to lead, but Huda beautifully shows the reader her journey to self growth, and how proud she is at being Muslim⁠

Teenage awkwardness, body changes, wanting friends, islamaphobia, self love, parent approval/love, sibling drama, and so much more intermixed with SO much beautiful lived Islamic details like halaqah, girl/boy rules, and lots and lots of hijabs! Shout out to the Niqab scene, and the beautiful rep of the abaya, something we def don’t see often enough in books❤️❤️⁠

I must admit, I was worried at the title at first. I wondered, is this normalizing cuss words…I mean, it’s funny, but is it appropriate for young ones to see this on the title/spine?⁠

But, I got to say, Huda won me over! And honestly, her use of her name in the book totally works, even for the most skeptical of readers. And now there is not one teen who I wouldn’t recommend this to! And if the title makes them pick it up, then I’M HERE FOR IT❤️⁠

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