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Hunger Alert: a Ramadan book

A funny book that is sure to be relatable for children starting their first fast!

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 4-6

Author: Shazia Afzal

Illustrator: Sania Hussain

Publisher: Compass Books

Hamed is fasting his very first fast and he has three things on his list to do: keep busy, don’t think about food and stay away from the kitchen. But somehow every single time Ahmed does something, it leads him back to food. Ahmed keeps having to ignore his belly and the grumbling that signals HUNGER ALERT. And Ahmed is able to be patient by re-centering his intention each time he comes upon food. And he finishes his day!

I really liked the idea of showing children that it is OK to feel hungry and that food is definitely all around us and so it can feel hard to get through a long day of fasting. And it did seem hilarious that Ahmed had food everywhere and had to re-center himself after his belly would rumble. I did wish that there was something more of a twist at the end instead of it just resolving so nicely, but it was an enjoyable read, and one that will help children see that with patience they can finish their first fast.

My kids also liked the parts where we yelled our HUNGER ALERT together and so it would be a great storytime readaloud!


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