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Genre: Picture Book⁠

Ages: 5-8⁠

Available: my amazon page- link in bio⁠

Spoiler alert🎉⁠

Wow. ⁠

This book by @reemfaruqi is meant to be read and reread, over and over again. Just like the leaves change during fall season in the book, so does the protagonist (and the reader)…with a valuable lesson to learn by the end!⁠

Zahra is Kyle’s helper. Kyle is special, and although his special quality is not defined, it is mentioned he fidgets a lot and moves his hands (It could be anything from adhd to autism, and I am SO glad it wasn’t defined. This is how kids books should be- introducing kids to the different qualities of special needs kids in a way they understand and not dwelling on the traits/diagnosis of the special needs children. This highlights the need for other children to make space for the special needs child and accommodate him/her).⁠

Zahra says Kyle is nice and she enjoys helping him in class, especially with the teachers praise. However, when 2 classmates start to comment about it to her, she changes. She feels weighed down by their comments…and the peer pressure affects her. ⁠

Zahra is mean to Kyle, and the book shows her regret and struggle with her own actions.

The book changes to a new setting, and we see Zahra at a new city…and this time, when she sees someone who needs help, she gets up out of her seat and says: I can help!⁠

I really wanted Zahra to resolve things with Kyle when I first read the book. I felt like something was missing and I was so sad it didn’t tie up in a neat little bow! But then I realized, the book functions itself to make the reader FEEL regret, and the lasting feelings of wanting to resolve the problem are what propel the reader to realize that succumbing to peer pressure and treating others negatively will only lead to regret! ⁠

The book itself takes you on an emotional ride to teach you what Zahra learned! And this is exactly how picture books SHOW the lesson instead of preaching it!!⁠

Def a universal beautiful book on doing the right thing, no matter what you face❤️

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