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I Can Pray Anywhere

⭐️⭐️This came in our@bismillahboxkidsSalah box last month!⠀

Genre: Board Book⠀

Age: 0-3⠀

Available: Amazon⠀

This beautiful board book from@kubepublishingis so cool!!⠀

Each page has a different place that you can pray, whether its an airplane, a park, or even outerspace! ⠀

I loved the rhymed verses and the vibrant pictures, and its perfect for little babies and young toddlers!⠀

I also really liked how the book is a big size and larger than the usual board book. This helps children be able to read it and be inspired by the pictures and words!⠀

To get more board books like this one, make sure to subscribe at !⠀

Next month’s theme is all about Prophet Yunus (AS) in the box: Dive towards the Mer-sea of Allah🐳

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