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I lost something very special

Wow!⁠ An amazing children’s book on loss and grief⭐️⭐️⭐️

Genre: Picture Book⁠

Ages: 5-8⁠

Available: ⁠my Amazon page! Link in bio

This beautiful story by @_husnarahman_ had me speechless!⁠

This is hands down the best children’s book I have read on grief and loss, and how to deal with it.⁠

The little girl in the story starts off by saying that she lost something very special today. She says she’s lost other things before, but that she found them and it made her happy. But this time is unlike the other times. This time she lost her grandfather, and he was so very special. She details the lovely things they used to do together, like garden and ride a bike. She mentions that it’s going to be very hard to carry on without him, but that she will do so with the memories-with the illustrations showing her making a scrapbook/photo album about him.⁠

The illustrations by @anitab_art are honestly some of the most beautiful illustrations I have ever seen in a children’s book. The formatting of the book, the text and the font, the way the story progressed, and the overall book itself just blew me away. Every time I read the story over, I loved it even more.⁠

You can tell an expert on grief and loss wrote the story, and it is well-written in terms of the picture book industry as well. It acknowledges the pain of losing someone special and how hard it is to move on without them, but the book still has a hopeful tone to it.⁠

The Muslims in the illustrations wore hijab, and the grandfather prayed and made duaa.⁠

Definitely a gorgeous and super special book!⁠

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