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I love my grandmother and my grandfather bilingual book

Genre: bilingual picture book⠀

Ages: 5-8⠀

Available: Amazon and etsy

price: 22 usd for pack of three


Arabic book level: a first grade level, has a good knowledge of letters, a little proficient with Arabic reading but not too long or complicated.⠀

This Bilingual book is another good resource for young ones who are learning to read Arabic. The Arabic font is big, there are plenty of harakat, and the sentences are simple and short enough for kids to read on their own with minimal help. ⠀

The book does not include transliteration with the Arabic words, but there ARE English sentences with the same meaning too. The reason I love bilingual books is that they help children use critical thinking and their own reading skills in both languages to try to figure out the meanings of a new or difficult vocab words in the language they are not as proficient in. ⠀

The book has a lovely theme about grandparents and the love that the child in the book has for them. It gives the book an added sweetness that helps the kids connect with the text.⠀

The book is vibrant and the illustrations are colorful and engaging.

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