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I'm So Angry

Anger, among other human emotions, is experienced by children and adults alike. I really like how this book addresses that normal feeling of anger, but says that what a person does when angry is what matters. Do they lash out like the boy in the book and “break a vase” or do they use coping mechanisms to calm down?

The book offers the sunnah practices that the Prophet (pbuh) told us to do if we get angry: seeking refuge from shaytan, making wudu, and changing your current position.( standing to sitting, and sitting to lying down)

The Prophet (pbuh) repeatedly stressed to those around him that controlling anger is a must, and this book is a great reminder of that for all of us, children and adults.

The wording was a little complicated, but the kids understood it quite well, and they enjoyed the story and pictures. (My daughter decided to draw eyes on all the characters afterwards😅)

You can find this book on Amazon.com for under ten dollars.


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