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I say Assalamu Alaykum

I think I have read this around 20 times in the past week😅❤️⠀

We got this in our @bismillahboxkidsSmile and Spread Salaam box!!🎉🎉🎉⠀

Genre: Board Book⠀

Ages: 0-3⠀

Available: @bismillahboxkids@kubepublishing@crescentmoonbookstore

This series has to be one of my absolute favorites for toddlers! My three year old is especially fond of them and asks me to read them over and over!⠀

This particular one is about the Salaam, and as usual starts with Nabil saying the Islamic phrase, defining it, and teaching little Noura to say it! I just love how this big brother takes his little sister under his wing and teaches her in a fun way.⠀

The Illustrations are adorable and the pages are vibrant colors attractive to toddlers. The board book itself is durable and made with high quality material. ⠀

And my toddler‘s personal favorite part: the activities in each book! This one has counting activities as well as identification of objects. These activities are perfect for little preschoolers!⠀

Sign up to get more wonderful Islamic books from @bismillahboxkids at : each month is a different theme and there are two age groups❤️⠀

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