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I Say Bismillah

We absolutely love this book from @kubepublishing and I actually really want to get the other ones in the series now too!⠀

First, its a big sturdy board book and so is absolutely perfect for the little ones that like to handle books a little roughly with their little hands and mouths. ⠀

The illustrations are so vibrant and colorful and we love the pictures of Noura and Nabil. Their smiling faces make us so happy!⠀

Mum has made Nabil and Noura cupcakes, but Noura takes a bite, forgetting to say Bismillah first. Nabil reminds her and she says it before drinking her milk. The lovely relationship between the two siblings made my kids smile and the sweetness of reminding Noura of her faith made my kids think about reminding each other and themselves of saying Bismillah before they eat or drink!⠀

I loved the games on two of the pages. They helped with color recognition and counting and elevated this book to make it fun AND educational.⠀

The last page defines the word Bismillah and offers simple questions for young kids to do. ⠀

I can’t wait to get the rest of this series, Insha Allah!⠀

Available individually from @crescentmoonbookstore


price: 10 usd

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