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I went for Hajj

My newest favorite Hajj book EVER🎉🎉🎉⠀

Genre: Picture book⠀

Ages: 3-9⠀

Available: @kubepublishing

Oh my Allah!! This new book by @naimabrobert just spoke to my heart and made me feel so excited and happy!! ⠀

I didn’t realize how much we needed a super cute Hajj book until I got my hands on this one!!!⠀

This book has it all! I know I gave it such a vast age grouping, but its because of the different ways you can use it. ⠀

Littles and toddlers will enjoy sitting with their parents and being read to. The rhymes are absolutely PERFECTION and the images are gorgeous and vibrant. ⠀

Older children will enjoy the Hajj information at the beginning and the glossary at the end! They will also enjoy seeing the images and steps of Hajj and reading the fun rhymes. It makes it so much more memorable for them.⠀

I love how this book is a spin on the classic “baby bear, baby bear what do you see” book. This book absolutely stands on its own, and I see it becoming its own classic in Muslim households!⠀

Get your own for your own little Hajji (or Hajjah) at home!

price: 12 usd


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