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Ibn Al-Baitar: Doctor of Natural Medicine

We loved this book and we look forward to reading the rest of the 3 books in the series.⠀

I honestly liked how this was done, and I feel like this is a good example of a well-written children’s non-fiction book.⠀

The book is part of a four-part scientist series, and I really enjoyed the idea behind this! It is important for our young ones to learn about how Islamic scientists helped shape science and how science (with the correct knowledge) is an essential part of our faith. And this book will inspire kids to want to find their own natural remedies and be little scientists themselves.⠀

The book talks about Ibn Al-Baitar, the doctor of Natural medicine. It explores his life and how he traveled to different countries to collect information on the best natural remedies to deal with diseases.⠀

The book also mentioned Prophetic Sunnahs that he used in his remedies- like honey and black seed. (So useful to take during the current pandemic)!⠀

I liked talking about this with my kids, and how the Prophet (pbuh) encouraged use of remedies to help with ailments. It is recommended in Islam to seek treatment for any sickness, even while also praying to Allah for a cure.⠀

The book is also a nice reminder to both kids and adults that what you feed your body affects your immunity. And it is a responsibility in Islam to take care of our bodies that Allah blessed us with.⠀

May Allah protect us all from any ailments and sicknesses.⠀

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