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Ibn Al-Haytham: The Man who discovered how we see

Genre: Nonfiction Chapter Book⠀

Ages: 8-12⠀

Available: Amazon⠀

Islamic notes: clean!⠀

I genuinely loved this nonfiction historical chapter book for kids! It is the only one I could find in the @natgeo series about a Muslim scientist, but I hope more are written in the future about all the amazing Muslims throughout history.⠀

I learned so much myself about Ibn Al-Haytham that I didn’t know before. He was not just an eye-doctor, but so much more!⠀

Ibn Al-Haytham is considered to be the first Modern thinking Scientist-as he was the first to suggest that scientists should question what they read. Before him, other scientists just accepted what philosophers had said before. He questioned everything- which led him to learn more and discover a lot of new findings.⠀

He laid the foundation for learning about vision, as well as the beginning stages of inventing the camera!⠀

An interesting point I learned was that the Caliph of Cairo put him in house arrest for ten years, and that during this time, he spent his whole time learning and writing. This truly shows his resilience and dedication to learning. ⠀

I loved how the book had facts and defined words in little boxes for the kids to learn.⠀

I enjoyed the Islamic influence in the book. Muslim Civilization, The Muslim Golden Ages, Arabic Calligraphy, Islamic art, and Islamic society is described- and it is so awesome to see how educated and forward it was. It truly was inspiring to read how libraries contained ancient texts, scholars studied and invented, and schools were open in Masjids for both Boys AND girls!⠀

The book included a useful timeline of his life, as well as extra facts and a lasting legacy page on all his achievements.⠀

I felt so proud reading this book! I felt so happy to see a positive story about an amazing Muslim and a historical tribute to how Muslims contributed to the World. I genuinely believe these are the types of stories our children need to read, to reflect on Muslim legacy and be proud of their history, as well as be encouraged to follow in their footsteps!

price: 4 usd


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