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Ibrahim Khan and the Mystery of the Roaring Lion

Spoiler alerts🎉

Age recommendation: chapter book for ages 6-9

Islamic concerns: none

I was smiling the whole time while reading this Islamic Mystery chapter book from@farheenwritesand published by@kubepublishing

Ibrahim is a smart and intuitive young third-grader who loves to solve mysteries. When a classmate named Yusuf calls him and asks him to solve a mystery, he calls his cousin Zayn and the two rush to Yusuf’s house to see what the problem is.

Yusuf hears hyenas and lions in his backyard at night, but no one in his family believes him. He enlists the help of the boys to find out the problem and Ibrahim decided to camp out at Yusuf’s house to figure out the truth. (The boys laugh at the idea of lions in a neighborhood)

That night, Ibrahim sets up surveillance equipment and hears the same noise. The next night, Ibrahim uncovers the truth and catches the “animals” in a net. It turns out to be a classmate and her jealous older brother (who is jealous of Yusuf’s older brother). The mystery itself was built up good and the tension is perfect for young readers- not to scary or intense. Ibrahim’s catching of the culprits and his sherlock holmes type of explaining after was super adorable and enjoyable to read.

However, some aspects of this book were a little flimsy:

The reason for scaring Yusuf on purpose seemed immature and petty of the older brother (who was in TENTH grade). Had the older brother been in middle school, I might have believed it, but saying a tenth grader did it is a bit of a stretch.

Also, the reason for scaring Yusuf was to get revenge on Yusuf’s older brother for not inviting them to play on the tree-house? Again-not really lining up age-wise.

That being said, I would still recommend this book for young muslims who love mysteries! It was very well-written and engaging (no boring parts!) and the book was very Islamically clean, which is a big plus.

I also liked how the book was not too long. It is the perfect length for young ones and a quick engaging read for summer!

Get yours from@amazonkindle

price: 7.50 usd


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