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If You were a Princess

An adorable and sweet nonfiction story on real princesses in the world and including many diverse princesses, including Muslim and Arab ones!

Genre: Nonfiction Picture Book

Ages: 5-10

Author: Hillary Homzie

Illustrator: Udayana Lugo

Publisher: Aladdin/Simon Kids

Three little girls ask if you were a princess what would you do? They go through stories of real princesses that stood up for the rights of others, human, and animal. They comforted those in need and they stood up for themselves. They were different types of coverings, such as a helmet, while biking and horse racing, or a hijab while climbing a mountain. They help their communities and defend those important to them. They have many jobs and many interests. They reach for the sky and spread kindness everywhere. The book concludes with a beautiful empowering message of not needing to be a princess to dazzle the world. All you need is kindness and strength❤️

So many princesses were included, I counted over 20 real examples, and all of them are included in the back matter, which is so helpful for learning.

Many Muslim and Arab ones were included as well, including Queen Rania of Jordan, Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco, Princess Nisreen el-Hashemite of Iraq, Nigerian Queen Amina of Zazzau, Princess Haya of Jordan, and Princess Reema of Saudia Arabia.

I love the inclusive messaging of this book, and I really liked that Arab and Muslim women were shown as accomplished and smart . A lot of stereotypes seem to imply that Arab or Muslim woman are not educated, and this book does a really great job of showing the exact opposite.

Check it out!


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