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Ilyas and Duck: A Zakat Tale

This is an adorable story, part of an awesome series called Ilyas and Duck. One of the coolest parts about this story is that there is a fairy tale within the story, which the kids absolutely loved. It speaks of how giving zakat balances out society, and how helping the poor people helps the community and grows businesses. The illustrations are so cute, and the words easy to understand. I love how it teaches an Islamic pillar while also teaching children basic economy.

Fun fact: the author Omar Khawaja came to our Masjid and did an awesome event for the kids where he presented the stories in a fun way and autographed the books. He also does craft-time! Reach out to them on social media Ilyas & Duck to book your own event at your Masjid! You will not regret it😊

Ages: 3 and up

Get your book on Amazon for 17 dollars.


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