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Imagine Me in Jannah

Genre: Picture Book⠀

Ages: 4-6⠀



Islamic notes: images of imagined “Jannah”⠀

The book shows different imagined Jannah scenes for little kids, with vibrant pictures, fun rhymes, and cute descriptions. Both boys and girls will relate to these fun descriptions, like driving a huge monster truck, eating whatever you want, or staying up forever with no bedtimes.⠀

The story is fun and creative and so exciting for kids to want to get excited about Jannah. I like how this increases love in kids for heaven and talks about the rewards of being a good Muslim for positive reinforcement.⠀

At the end there are 7 blank pages for kids to draw and write their own imagination for what they want in Jannah, which I thought was super cool and fun! There are also two ayahs from the Quran talking about how Jannah is the place where you get whatever you want!⠀

A beautiful book for kids to excite them about Jannah and increase their love for it!

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