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In my Mosque

This is a MUST-HAVE book and I recommend purchasing a copy!!🎉🎉⠀

Genre: Picture Book⠀

Ages: 4-8⠀

Available: Amazon⠀

Islamic screening: amazing in every way, I have no concerns whatsoever!!⠀

I was so absolutely blown away by this new @harperkids book, written by the amazing talented❤️⠀

This book brought back to me allll the feels and emotions I had when I used to enter my Mosque (unfortunately haven’t been back at my mosque since covid😭)! In fact, this book made me realize how MUCH I missed going to the Mosque and missed that special feeling of peace I got every time I stepped inside to pray.⠀

From the beautiful gorgeous art (by the wonderfully talented @metahatem) inspired by different Mosques and their Islamic and geometric art, to the beautiful meaningful words, to the glossary, authors note, and even Mosque references at the end-this picture book has it all and is full of learning moments for both Muslim kids and kids of all backgrounds!⠀

The book is chock full of Islamic information, Quranic phrases like Bismillah AlRahman AlRaheem, and real Mosque references like prayer mats, beads, the shoe area, prayer positions like the salam to the angels, and even the cute giggles of children echoing all over as they play. ⠀

I loved how the book was so unapologetically Muslim and I felt heard and seen through its beautiful pages. My kids also absolutely loved it and connected to it, and I was especially excited to read it to my three year old, who hasn’t been able to experience the Mosque like her older siblings (due to covid).⠀

The book contains references and images to everything related to Mosques, and you can feel that the author is writing from her own experience and that the book is a beautiful love letter to Mosques❤️ I read on her page that she wrote it after the New Zealand Mosque attack, to bring awareness on what Mosques are and how we Muslims feel about them, and I feel like she definitely did justice to that! ⠀

Honestly I can’t even do it justice in my review- there is just so much to see in this book!

Perfect for Ramadan!!⠀

I recommend gifting a copy to local libraries, schools, and friends!


price:13 usd

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