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Ink and Quills

This book from@minaretmountain.books is so sweet and very unique.⠀

Note: this book is written with many Australian words😉⠀

Islamic concern: I noted that the sahabi Abu Huraira (RA) is portrayed and I understand this to be discouraged in Islam.⠀

The story is told from the viewpoint of two cats, Ink and Quills who have a hijabi owner named Faith. She warns them of a panther in the woods, and tells them to beware. They run around until they finally face the panther- who turns out to be another cat (but big) who has been mistreated by his owner. This cat believes all owners to be mean.⠀

Ink and Quills convince him otherwise, telling him to the story of Abu Huraira (RA) and how he loved cats. They convince him to come with them to Faith, who adopts him and calls him pumpkin.⠀

I like that the story shows how Islam encourages kindness to animals and how the kind owner is a Muslim. I also really liked the mention of how Abu Huraira (rA) loved cats, and how it was done in a cute way, not a preachy way at all.

The pictures are also very unique and beautiful and the story was super engaging.⠀

Get yours from @minaretmountain.books:

price: 14.95 Australian dollars.

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