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Inventors of The Golden Age

One of the most unique entries in the #muslimbookstagramawards2021 and I absolutely loved it!

Genre: Personalized Advanced Picture Book

Ages: 5-8

Available: @proudlittlemuslims

I just loved this personalized book!! It is so absolutely unique; and though the image of the personalized kid and his/her name don’t appear much throughout the text, it is so amazing in how the book is an inspiration for the little Muslim to look at the Inventors of the Golden Age and aspire to be an educated Muslim like them!

The Inventors mentioned are Fatima Al-Fihri, Abbas Ibn Firnas,al-Zahrawi, and al-Idrisi. Their inventions/achievements are mentioned and their individual unique skills are mentioned: generosity in building a university, working hard even after failure, kindness to patients, and adventurous aiming.

I liked how the book not only mentioned their achievements but skills that kids can adapt to their own lives to be like them! The idea of making mistakes and still trying is emphasized and I loved that. I also loved that it was emphasized that Allah’s help is paramount to success.

The illustrations were gorgeous and well-done and I liked that they are unique and accessible to those who prefer illustrations to not have facial features.

The writing and rhymes were fun and beautiful, and I absolutely enjoyed this book. I do recommend it be on every bookshelf in order to let our kids know of Islamic history and inspire them to be a part of the future of Muslim success as well, inshaAllah!

I also hope there is more in the future in shaa Allah.

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