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Is My Mom Like Other Moms?

This is the newest book from Humera Malik @booksforlittlemuslims

I just loved this book and me and my daughter hugged each other the whole time we read it.❤️❤️⠀

The book starts off with the question “Is my mom like other moms?”⠀

It shows the mom of the girl as wearing hijab, and other moms of her classmates that don’t wear hijab.⠀

Each mom is described as wearing a different hair style, and as doing different fun stuff with her daughter (hopscotch, shopping for fruits, going to the library).⠀

Then...the little girl states that “all moms are different”, and then, that they are “all the same” too.⠀

Though each mom is different-looking or might do different actions, each one loves her kids and takes care of them in her own special way!

And at the end of the story, the little girl wears her own little hijab too and says she wants to be just like her mom when she grows up! Such a show of pride and confidence for little girls💕

I love how the book is written and the lovely way it flowed. The language was beautiful and easy for kids to understand. The story was very sweet and enjoyable to read.

I love how this is a book about hijab, but also about mothers, and helps children love their mothers and be proud of them. It helps children realize that there is no shame in looking different, and that all mothers love their children❤️⠀

I also loved the diversity of all the mothers!! There were four different “colors” of mothers and all were equally beautiful! Definitely a book that promotes tolerance and acceptance! ⠀

The pictures are adorable and I have already been asked to reread this multiple times to my kids!⠀

I just wish that the book be a little higher quality for a second print. The pages inside were a little papery.⠀

Get yours from Amazon.


price: 6 usd

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