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Is that a teapot by the toilet?

I can’t believe I waited this long to purchase this book and I think this might be my favorite of all the @bismillahbees books!!

Genre: Early Toddler Picture Book

Ages: 2-4

Available: @happystreet_store

Screening: the images show the upper thigh area from the side while the little boy is sitting on the toilet. Nothing majorly concerning and no private parts shown.

Honestly, this book is so HILARIOUS and CREATIVE, that every time I read it to my kids, I enjoy it more and more!

Rayan is learning to potty train, and his mother is teaching him. They start with the duaa, and the left foot. They perform the potty and then learn Istinjaa. Then they leave the bathroom. Rayaan learns all the places to do potty and all the different terms for water containers that do istinjaa. And at the end its a success and its his brothers turn!

I just love the rhymes of this book. They all flowed perfectly, and they were so funny and educating for a little kids. I was very impressed with how much Islamic knowledge was put into this book, and it is quite successful in teaching all the manners of using the bathroom.

At the end: There are different definitions and terms of different countries and the “lotas” “shatafas” they use to do istinjaa. There’s also a page with the duaas of using the bathroom, and an educators note about istinjaa, which I found cool and informative!

And true to @bismillahbees format, there were a couple of activities in the back as well. I am super impressed with this book and the Bismillah Bees collection as a whole is a def a huge favorite with my toddler!

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