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Isa's First Fast

Age recommendation: 9-12⠀

Islamic screening: no concerns. ⠀

This is the newest book from @zairzabrplay and is her first chapter book. The format is a book of choices, so every few chapters, the reader gets to choose what the character does, and thus chooses how the story ends. This is SUPER exciting and unique for kids!🎉

Isa is nervous about his first year of fasting. He loves to eat and is extremely nervous about going without food the whole day. What’s more, he is in charge of a carnival at the Masjid and has miscounted the amount of money in the box. Isa struggles throughout the day to figure out how to come up with the money and, depending on the choices, may get suspended from school, not allowed to go to the carnival, or faint from playing a basketball game.⠀

I do like the fact that there are choices. I feel like kids have the option to choose “bad” choices and see their consequences, and choose the “good” choices which show good results in the end.⠀

I do like how Isa is not perfect. He has flaws and so is relatable to real-life children who have flaws and might feel how he does about fasting.⠀

I do wish the book explored a little more of the “perks” of fasting, in order to encourage children that are nervous about their first time fasting. And the “bad” choices had pretty sad consequences, which was a little exaggerated (but made it very amusing to read for me and my son lol)

But by the end, by seeing him choose good choices and decide to finish his fasting day, the reader is rewarded with reading about him feeling proud of himself for finishing his day and happy with the results! Isa definitely matures as a character and it is nice to see him decide to do the right thing and see how it helps him succeed. ⠀

My son and me both finished the book within a day; it was an easy and fun read and perfect for the age group it is for!❤️ I did note a few typos, but nothing that affected the actual story. I actually was really amazed by how well written and engaging it was! ⠀

Hira from@zairzabrplay really does have a talent for writing, MashaAllah!⠀


price: 13 usd

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