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Islamic Books on Amazon Kindle

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

I definitely promote Islamic bookstores and Islamic online retailers before any other commercial bookstore, but the reality is that I definitely also see the convenience and ease for many of using Amazon Kindle. Especially for long chapter books where a person can save their page and go back to it easily on the device/app.

And while I personally prefer my kids to read on real books, I understand why parents would use a kindle device. I know the financial struggle many parents face, especially now in these trying times, and understand the yearning for having our kids access the top Islamic educational materials.

Amazon Kindle is instant, fast, far-reaching, many times cheaper, and oftentimes cleaner-it will keep all the books stored on one easy to use device instead of piles of hardcover books everywhere. (I still personally prefer to use hard-cover and real books for picture books, but I will still make a list of them just in case there are parents who prefer e-versions.)

I have compiled a list of the top-rated Islamic Picture and Chapter books (many are Ramadan books too) on Amazon Kindle as well as current prices for them as well to help parents. I hope you find this list useful.

Islamic Picture books on Amazon Kindle

1. Zaydo Potato Allah Loves me (3.99 usd)

2. Zaydo Potato Can Allah See me Now? (3.99 usd)

3. Zaydo Potato A Muslim Superhero (3.99 usd)

4. The Adventures of Nuh's Ark (3.99 usd)

5. Adam and God's Creation (3.99 usd)

6. Ibrahim the Builder (3.99 usd)

7. My First Book about the Quran (4.99 usd)

8. Mustafa and Arwa go on a Ramadan Adventure (3.99 usd)

9. Mustafa and Arwa go on a Wudu Adventure (3.99 usd)

10.Mustafa and Arwa go on a Zakat Adventure (3.99 usd)

11. Mustafa and Arwa go on a Prayer Adventure (3.99 usd)

12. How Does Allah Look? (5.99 usd)

13. How Big is Allah? (5.99 usd)

14. Prophet Stories from the Quran with mini Activities (3.99 usd)

15. Where is Allah (5.99 usd)

16. The Proudest Blue (9.99 usd)

17. Owl and Cat: Ramadan is..(9.99 usd)

18. Owl and Cat: Islam is..(9.99 usd)

19. Owl and Cat: Muslims are..(9.99 usd)

20. Owl and Cat go to Hajj (9.99 usd)

21. One Meal More: a Ramadan Story (9.99 usd)

22. Crescent Moons and Pointed Minarets (11.99 usd)

23. Like the Moon loves the Sky (11.99 usd)

24. Muhiima's Quest (5.99 usd)

25. Laila's Lunchbox (6.99 usd)

26. Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns (6.99 usd)

27. My Special angels: The Two Noble Scribes (4.99 usd)

28. The Arabic Quilt (17.48 usd)

29. Mommy's Khimar (10.99 usd)

30. Bilal Cooks Daal (10.99 usd)

31. Mommy Sayang (10.99 usd)

32. Big Red Lollipop (10.99)

33. The Gift of Ramadan (9.99 usd)

34. Ramadan (celebrate the World) (8.99 usd)

35. Under the Ramadan Moon (5.99 usd)

36. Hassan and Aneesa Love Ramadan (2.50 usd)

37. Craft it up this Ramadan and Eid (9.99 usd)

38. Hassan and Aneesa Celebrate Eid (2.50 usd)

39.Peg and Cat: The Eid al-Adha Adventure (5.69 usd)

40. Allah Made Everything (5.39 usd)

41.Zak and His Little Lies (2.95 usd)

42. Yan's Hajj (1.95 usd)

43. Aisha Goes in Search of Color (2.99 usd)

44. The Adventures of Laila and Ahmed in Syria (9.99 usd)

45. Salam Alaikum: A Message of Peace (10.99 usd)

46. Safe Car, Go Car (6.99 usd)

47. It's Ramadan, Curious George (5.99 usd)

Islamic Chapter Books on Amazon Kindle

(please read my individual reviews on these books for Islamic screenings to decide which books are right for your children)

1. Proud: My Fight for an Unlikely American Dream (13.99 usd)

2. When Wings Expand (5.49 usd)

3. A Race to Prayer (2.95)

4. The Victory Boys (2.51 usd)

5. Ibrahim Khan Mystery Series (1.99 each)

6. Team Spirit (4.99 usd)

7. More to the Story (10.99 usd)

8. Amina's voice (7.49 usd)

9. Zayd Saleem Series (6.49 usd each)

10. The Gauntlet (8.99 usd)

11. Love from A to Z (10.99 usd)

12. The Weight of Our Sky (10.99 usd)

13. Saints and Misfits (8.99 usd)

14. That Can be Arranged: A Muslim Love Story (9.99 usd)

15. Ayesha at Last (2.99 usd)

16. Yes, I'm Hot in This (9.99 usd)

17. Planet Omar (8.99 usd)

18. Meet Yasmin (5.65 usd)

19. Sadiq Series (6.17 usd)

20. Ayesha Dean Series (2.99 usd)

21. The Candle and the Flame (11.99 usd)

22. We Hunt the Flame (10.99 usd)

Also, check out Amazon kindle Unlimited: (pay 9.99 usd per month for a huge array of free books.)

If you are interested in Amazon kindle unlimited, use this link to sign up:

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