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Islamic Eid Gift Guide 2020

Eid is coming up really soon Insha Allah, and with shipping being what it is nowadays, it is definitely time to start looking for Eid gifts...

We might be social distancing this year, but there are so many virtual shopping options available...and what better gift can there be than an Islamic one.

I put together my favorite options for Eid gifts this year, and I hope you enjoy looking over this list. Included are prices and links for your convenience. And it is divided by Topic and Kid Interests.

Eid Gift Guide:

Give the Gift of an Islamic monthly Subscription Box:



For Babies:

The DesiDoll Company Baby Mobile (50 usd)

My Touch and Feel (Arabic Alphabet book) (16 usd)

Baby bib ( 10 usd)

For Bedtime Cuddles:

The DesiDoll Company Duaa Pillow (50 usd)

Bedtime Sunnah (15 usd)

A Bedtime Prayer for Peace (15 usd)

For Love of Allah:

How Much Does Allah Love Me? (18 usd)

Names of Allah matching cards (16 usd)

Allah Loves Me (10 usd)

For love of Prophet Muhammad (s):

Seerah Trail (22 usd)

My Prophet Muhammad Busy Book (25 usd)

Prophet Muhammad: My Hero (15 usd)

Quran Learning:

My first book about the Quran (8 usd)

Colorful Quran for kids (22 usd)

Quranic Opposites (19 usd)

For the Space-obsessed:

Space Puzzle (13 usd)

Najma (16 usd)

Space Sadaqah jar ( 15 usd)

All things Dinos:

Hijaya hunt (12 usd)

The Green Dinosaur Umbrella (13 usd)

Arabic dino Eidi Envelope (2.50 usd)

For Arabic Learning:

Arabic Learning Bundle (36 usd)

Arabic Blocks (46 usd)

Arabic Alphabet workbook (10 usd)

All the Prophets:

Giant Journey Puzzle (22 usd)

Lunar Learners books ( 15 usd)

Migo and Ali Love for the Prophets (27 usd)

All About Family:

Stuck in the Middle (13 usd)

Little Brother for Sale(15 usd)

5pillars Junior Board Game (30 usd)

(the game inspires sibling competition towards learning more Islamic knowledge)

All About Prayer:

My Salah Mat (78 usd)

How to Pray (16 usd)

Wudu Chart (11 usd)

For Adults:

Quran Cube ( 90 usd)

A Place of Refuge (20 usd)

English Rainbow Quran (37 usd)

For Eid Decor and more:

Happy Street Store

These links are all small business, and what better reward is there than supporting your fellow Muslims!

For more Eid options, you can also peruse my Amazon shop

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