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Islamic podcasts for Kids and Moms

Transitioning to four kids hasn’t been easy, and I find myself unable to do the things I used to.

So, I’m all about figuring out new ways to teach my kids Islam. I love books, but I have come to appreciate audio resources lately. Whether its for me to listen to as I get household chores done, or something to put in the car for the kids to listen to on the way to school, its become our new way of learning and connecting to our deen.

I compiled this list of podcasts and Islamic audio resources by age (and some for the mommies).

Hope you find it useful!

⭐️Also: I will be compiling a favorite nasheeds for kids list next (both vocals only and not)

Ages 0-3:

On youtube, I like playing fun Islamic stories for this age: there are some great islamic channels like @omarandhanaenglish and @theminimuslims .

Ages 4-6:

@mrshashimi tells fun cute islamic stories on apple podcast and its FREE!!

@miraj_stories also has fun audio islamic picture books for this age on their app, but the app does costs money (6 dollars a month or around 70 a year).

Ages: 7-12:

@thequantumchronicles (this also costs money, and is played on sound wise/soundcloud) I found this time travel seerah to be the most engaging of all the options for the older kids (I would recommend it for kids closer to 9/10 and up).

@miraj_stories (contains lots of audio stories about the prophets understandable for all ages)

@safarpublications has a bedtime stories podcast on apple podcast (prophets and seerah in small clips and simple wording, probably the best place to begin, easiest to understand for younger ones, and FREE)

Ages 13 and up:

Omar Suleiman on apple podcasts- especially the “firsts” all about sahaba. These are so enjoyable for both parents and teens.

Yasir Qadhi on apple podcasts (the seerah one is good and a new one about Prophets! These are super detailed, so probably best for the older teens.)

Special for Mommies:

@themuslimintheroom I love these ladies and their relatable discussions.

@salamgirlpodcast super trendy, interesting, and fun!

@noorkids has an amazing new islamic parenting podcast!

@ourmuslimhomeschool has a RAISING MUMS one!

⭐️Comment any podcasts I missed below

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