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Islamic Scratch Art: Around The World


Genre: Islamic activity book⠀

Ages: 5 and up (my 7 year old loved it!)⠀

Available: @creativemuslimminds@muslim.memories

I am so absolutely impressed and blown away by this beautiful and unique Islamic Scratch Book!!⠀

The book starts with a lovely Introduction page about Islam connecting the Muslims around the world. The next few pages are info pages and scratch art and are about Makkah, Zamzam, Madina, Aqsa, Salah, Jannah, and Quran. Then following those scratch art pages are a sticker sheet page with sticker scene, a colouring page, and many other Islamic activities! ⠀

The Islamic information was very detailed and very accurate to my knowledge, and my kids loved reading it because the way it was framed. It was similar to Migo and Ali, but with Alif and Jeem who are asking each other educational and fun questions!⠀

This book absolutely impressed me with its quality, it’s images, the scratch art, and even the scratch art pen that comes with a keychain to attach itself to the spirals so that it does not get lost! ⠀

This is an absolutely incredible book to teach Islam to children while having tons of fun!⠀

💚One of the things that stood out to me, especially with everything going on in Palestine, is the page on Masjid Al-Aqsa! It teaches children that it was the first Qiblah, that it is in Jerusalem, and that it is the third holiest masjid! It also talks about how the whole courtyard area with two Masjids is the AlAqsa and not just the golden dome Masjid! Super important factual information that is even good for Adults!

It is so important to teach our kids about this Islamic holy land, and we must stress the importance of loving it and preserving it! We must not forget it, even if we can’t visit it!

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