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It's Jummah Day

This book from @minaretmountain.books is so adorable and so unique! I loved reading a book about Jummah to my kids and I loved how it included a hadith and Jummah checklist at the end of the book for the kids to follow! It is extremely useful for little Muslims.⠀

Throughout the book there were many useful tips such as doing miswak, ghusl before prayer, reading Surah Alkahf, doing Salawat on the Prophet (pbuh), getting a reward for each step towards the Masjid, getting there before the khutbah, prayjng two rukaahs, a mention of the hadith about mothers, making duaa, praying towards the qiblah, praying for the Ummah, and eating treats after with the family (celebrating Friday❤️). I loved all these for teaching the kids about the wonderfulness of this blessed day.⠀

However, I did find that the rhyme at times was not flowing. Also, some words didn’t make sense and there were some grammar issues. This might be done to trying to make the rhythm of the story match, and it didn’t affect too much of the story, but it was still noticeable.⠀

I loved the uniqueness of the pictures! I haven’t seen pictures like this before, almost comic-like, and the unique style was pleasing and vibrant for the kids to look at. I did notice some funny happenings in some of the pictures, and I think it was in there to make the kids laugh: (the two boys are giants stepping on top of cars on their way inside the masjid!😅)⠀

If you are interested in buying this book, head to@minaretmountain.books through this link:

price: 15 Australian Dollars

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