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Its up to us

What a beautiful book, a work of art, and a learning resource all in one!

Genre: Advanced Nonfiction Picture Book

Ages: 6-9

Available: preorder on Amazon (it releases Feb 1) @pubspotlight@whatonearth_books

I just loved this book, as I felt like it was so diverse and so beautifully done that it just really encompasses the whole mission of being about Planet Earth.

The book has an impressive 33 illustrators, many from diverse and marginalized backgrounds! I also love the actual illustrations, which were works of art themselves and included so many diverse backgrounds of people, Muslims in the illustrations through hijab, as well as people with disabilities.

The book covers the mission of the Terra Carta, a plan by the Prince of Wales in the UK to take care of Nature. The plan itself is outlined in the back of the book as a source and I loved how parts of it include “taking into account diversity” and “undertake to collaborate”. It beautifully makes the message and the audience of this book people from all over the world and many different backgrounds.

The book is made of Four divided parts: Nature, People, Planet, and Terra Carte. Each section discusses details on each subject and all highlight the importance of taking care of nature as people who affect the Planet, and how the Terra Carte offers a solution.

I learned a lot and I found the book super informative and educating, as well as kid-friendly. My only note is page 16 of the ARC, as it had hard to read font in the illustrations.

And as a Muslim reader myself, I appreciate the inclusion of Muslims in the illustrations. I also feel the value of taking care of the Earth as represented in Islam through numerous ahadith and Quranic ayahs about the importance of taking care of the world that Allah created!

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