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Jannah Jewels: The Chase in China

“Goodness and Evil can never be equal, repel evil with what is better, then see, the one with whom between you was enmity has become a good friend”(Quran 41:34)⠀

Genre: Chapter Book⠀

Age: 7-12⠀

Available: @thebarakahboutique@jannahjewels website @thebookmartuk and my @amazonpage (link in bio)⠀

I greatly enjoyed this second book of the 12-book series!! The first book was more of an introduction to the series with a quick adventure, but this one had a quick summary in the prologue and then got straight to the action!!⠀

I love that the prologue summarized the first book as it has been a few months since I read and I appreciated the review of what was going on.⠀

This book was super action packed and fun! The chapters and pages were one event after the next, and I found myself turning the pages with excitement and really wanting to know what happened.⠀

In this book, the girls travel to China and meet Zheng He, Ma He, a famous Muslim Chinese Admiral of the seas in the fifteenth century. ⠀

The book is written perfectly for the middle age chapter book group, with an easy to read writing style and adventure! Islamic themes are present throughout and there is conflict and dilemma, but it is kept entirely clean. There are also adorable illustrations every once in a while in the book and it made me really yearn for this book to be made into a Muslim Graphic novel series!! (Please do this @jannahjewels😅)⠀

Islamic statements and turning to Allah are a big part of the Jannah Jewels identity, and their practice of Islam is woven seamlessly in the book. I love that the focus on the book is adventure and Islamic history, and their religion is not in crisis at all. They just exist as proud Muslims.⠀

I also loved that there was an internal conflict of doing the right thing to Jaffar and saving him, as well as the external conflict of racing to get the artifact of China in time. The above Quranic verse quoted encouraged them to do the right thing no matter what!⠀

I look forward to reading the rest of the series inshaAllah!


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