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Journey to the Abyss

One of the few books I had to Dnf (do not finish). Read full review for honest thoughts.⁠

Genre: YA⁠

Ages: 12 and up⁠

I was really shocked that I couldn’t make it through this book. I actually feel like I have a lot of patience for reading books that aren’t written well. I give them a chance, pausing to grab a different book, and then coming back. I gloss over grammar, plot holes, and try to not judge till the end.⁠

But man…I just couldn’t with this one. I offically DNF’d it on kindle not even 30 percent of the way in. ⁠


Tbh, even the first one could have used more editing. But I was interested in the world-building and the underworld science fiction fantasy part. I was also really into seeing Leyla finally reunite with her dad at the end and save him. I even accepted the lackluster Islamic rep.⁠

But this one, instead of being an improvement, was worse. It really saddens me to say this. The Islamic rep becomes nonexistent (or something only Leyla’s dad does), the romance is cringy, the writing was completely awkward and made me feel like I could care less about the characters, cause their emotions seemed more told to the reader than felt. And the story plot was all over the place.⁠

Pretty sad about it. Cause I really wanted to like a world under the sea where people turn into human mermaids. ⁠

Just my honest opinion.⁠

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