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Juz Amma for kids

Imp Note: There is a MISTAKE in the book on Page 9! Go to@learningrootswebsite for more info ⠀

The reason I still gave this book a 10/10 even though there is a mistake (page 9-go to the website for exact details and use a sharpie to remove the extra waw), was because it is still an amazing resource for teaching kids. ⠀

The fatiha and all of Juz Amma are written in clear fonts and each is recited when the pen clicks on it. Kids can read as many times as they want.⠀

The magnifying glass game of finding helps kids with reading on their own because they have to look for an ayah by listening to it from the kiitab pen. ⠀

The star helps kids with memorization and review by reciting the whole surah to them (or ayahs) and having them repeat it.

I don’t know about you, but I find it extremely difficult to always find time during my day to sit with my kids and repeat ayahs over and over; this way, they do the majority of the repetition by themselves, and then just come and recite it to me when they are done. Then I can focus on what they need to work on.⠀

This is also a perfect resource for moms and dads who don’t speak or read Quranic Arabic themselves. Having the kiitab pen read the ayah out loud helps the whole family memorize, and the best part is that the ayahs are read correctly and pronounced perfectly. ⠀

There is even a translation mode for learning meaning!

There is a section for games, which is basically the pen reciting different ayahs, and the child having to guess which surah the ayah is from. There are different levels, but it is actually amazing for reviewing and perfecting this Juz.

A hifhd help section is good for logging your memorization and review journey, and a hifdh shelf with book stickers helps get kids excited for memorizing so they can fill the whole chart with the stickers of each surah!⠀

I would recommend this book, along with the kiitab pen, for each parent trying to help their kid memorize (or even review) Juz Amma. ⠀

I hope@learningroots comes out with one for the whole Quran!!⠀


price: 20 usd

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