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Kalimatee Al-Ooula

This is genuinely such a beautiful board book and true to the usual high quality board books we love from@civilianpublishing❤️⠀

This is a glossy board book that can be traced on with a dry erase markers, and contains thick board pages perfect for little hands (and mouths).⠀

The book is titled: “Learning my first Arabic words” and the topics covered here are genuinely the perfect first Arabic words for little ones and with so much variety! As usual, each arabic word contains perfect harakat, is written in clear bold letters that are easy to read, and contains a transliteration for beginning readers (or for parental help for those not fluent in Arabic themselves). This is such a valuable resource for parents and I absolutely loved all the variety in the book.

Topics include: Hasharat (bugs), Haywanat almazra’ah (farm animals), makhlookat albahreeyah (aqua creatures), arabaat (vehicles), fil samaa (in the sky), amam al manzil (in front of the house), fil manzil (in the house), alfawakih (fruit), alkhudrawat (vegetables), al’aab (toys), malabes (clothes), jism alinsan (the human body), and al’aailah (the family).⠀

The pictures were so beautiful and clear, and my favorite part was the colorful picture tabs on each page that make it easy to flip to the tab you want when looking for a specific word.⠀

This can be used like a dictionary, but can also be used for fun games. I love how its organized so you can take the book along as you explore your house and the outdoors, almost like a scavenger hunt of different Arabic words. ⠀

I really like how the english words were not displayed, which helps kids use critical thinking to point them out by looking at pictures, and use their translation skills to connect the Arabic and English words for each item.⠀ I love the fact that this book has a black family on the cover and inside on the words for “family”! In my search for black-led books, I sadly found very little in Arabic! We need more and I am so thankful for this author for providing us with a diverse book❤️

I absolutely recommend this book!⠀

Get yours from Civilian Publishing.


price: 16 usd

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