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Khadija and Cat: Ramadan is Here

Genre: Advanced Picture Book⠀

Age recommendation: 6-9⠀

Price: 17 usd

Available:@khadijahandcat @crescentmoonbookstore


Islamic notes: Ramadan was mentioned as 30 days, and no mention of the fact that it could be 29 days?⠀

⭐️This is an adorable Ramadan tale for little children who want to start fasting!⠀

The book is a beautiful hardcover with gorgeous illustrations and high quality glossy pages. Khadija is a cute protagonist who wears hijab outside her home and not inside of it. I love how the book starts with sighting the moon and ends with an invitation to fast next Ramadan. There are also a few activities in the back, as well as an adorable countdown calendar.⠀

Khadija and Cat eat suhoor, pray fajr, and go back to sleep. Then they spend the day waiting for Maghrib, reading Quran, and being grateful for all their blessings.

There was a lot of information and descriptive pictures that showed Ramadan is about more than just fasting, but some of the wording was complicated.⠀

I did note a few typos and grammar issues. The rhymes seemed forced at times and weren’t consistent throughout.⠀

⭐️While this is a book about Ramadan, it can definitely be read outside of this blessed month and would be enjoyable for kids the whole year.

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