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Khadija: Mother of History's Greatest Nation

“Memories flooded back into his mind when he heard that voice…”⁠

Genre: Nonfiction MG/Chapter Book⁠

Ages: marketed 10 and up, I would say reading level is more 13 and up

Available: @crescentmoonbookstore

I have had this @learningroots book by @fatima_barkatulla for a while, and finally got around to reading it!!

The book follows the life of Khadija (RA) as she learns about the Prophet (pbuh), meets him, admired his trade, proposes to him, marries him and bears his children, comforts him when he reaches Prophethood, and is patient during the three year boycott on them until which point she died.⁠ (may Allah be pleased with her)

I would personally categorize the book as split into two parts- one part pre-revelation and one part after. The pre-revelation part seemed to be written with more imagination of what could have been possible, along with some Islamic details we know. The post-revelation part seemed more in line with what we know from the seerah. It moved me so much to read how amazing Khadija (RA) was and how much she was missed by the Prophet (pbuh) after her death.⁠

The story does not only speak of Khadija (RA) but it spoke of a lot of seerah incidents that happened around her life time. ⁠Full of information and a great learning resource!!

It is written in an interesting style, which I do want to point out: 3rd person present. So this means a narrator speaking as if they are witnessing the events as they happen. I did want to point this out for those that might find it uncomfortable to read Islamic Seerah history stories that are part imagination with quotes and explanations of emotions/situations.⁠

Overall, I did feel very moved by the end of it to love Khadija (RA) even more. The book’s writing style is simple and can be understood easily by young teens. The book is definitely a wealth of information, especially for those are just starting to learn Islamic Seerah and history. ⁠

I can definitely see this being used and read in Islamic schools/halaqahs! A beautiful book about a beautiful woman, may Allah be pleased with her!

price: 25 usd


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