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Kiitab Pen

This kiitab pen from@learningroots comes with a pre-installed software for the Read and Rise book. We instantly used it to help us in reading and playing the games. To install software for Juz Amma and the other new resources, you have to go to the website to download that software unto the pen. It is pretty easy to do.⠀

The pen is high quality, easy for my kids to use, and the volume is adjustable. The voice reading the Quran is Hosary, who is considered to be the best Reciter to listen to for learning Tajweed. ⠀

This pen is so fun for the kids to use. They absolutely love how they can press the letters and ayahs and instantly listen and learn. ⠀

Now that my kids are at home, I am using this multiple times a day with them. And the good news is, they feel excited to use it!

I would definitely recommend this pen!⠀

Get this from@crescentmoonbookstore

Use my code: MUSLIMMOMMYBLOG for ten percent off your order.

price: 85 usd


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