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Lala Comics

Where was this book when I was a teen?!❤️⁠

Genre: YA/Graphic Novel⁠

Ages: 13 and up⁠

Available: on my amazon page-link in bio⁠

Screening: pic of shaytan, mention of clubbing/nudity, mention of halloween celebration. (Nothing really concerning just brief mentions in comic format)⁠

I am so obsessed with this cute (high quality hard cover) graphic novel by @lalaartwork ❤️⁠

To sum it up: it is a series of relatable, cute, funny comics that include Islamic morals and ahadith and exaggerate them in a funny way to entertain the reader, but also make them so memorable that the reader learns so much along the way!!⁠

The book follows Lala, who is a practicing hijabi Muslim woman (she appears maybe in her early twenties, is married, and has a baby), but she is so cute and funny that she is relatable to girls in their early teens, as well as adults like me!⁠

Lala faces lots of obstacles, some ridiculously funny (like making duaa for someone she dislikes) and real life, like racism for being a hijabi. She faces it all with pride in her deen, and the whole book is unapologetically Muslim! ⁠

Lala’s husband plays an advising role and reminds her of Islamic morals to do (this was the islamic learning voice but was done in such a cute way with the hat that it was so fun!)⁠

I loved how the ahadith, ayahs, and Islamic tidbits said by her husband were all sourced immediately under each one, which not only is informative, but helps with authenticity!⁠

The funny part was where Lala would take what he said to the extreme and it def made me laugh out loud! I can see teens really enjoying this and can’t wait till my kids read this when they are older! Esp since I consider it a unique format to teach Islamic ahadith to teens who otherwise might not be receptive to nonfiction deen books.⁠

I can’t wait for more of Lala in the future!!!

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