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Let it Go

⭐️⭐️⭐️Definitely one of our FAVORITES!!⠀

This is a new book released from @naimabrobert and @muftimenkofficial

And I genuinely love it!!! ⠀

It tackles the heavy topic of emotions and forgiveness, and it does it in the perfect way for children!⠀

The book is written in the usual Naima style we love: with the rhyming and lyrics, and deeply emotional-connecting verses and words.⠀

The story starts with a well-written poem from Mufti Menk and a duaa to always turn to Allah and behave in goodness, no matter what the reader faces.⠀

The story then follows a little boy who wakes up excited for the day, but then encounters disappointments (his sister eats the last piece of toast), loneliness (he isn’t invited to play recess games), loss (his ball pops), humiliation (his brother makes fun of him), and regret (he picks on his little sister). As the boy goes through each event, he is told phrases to help him forgive the wrong-doers (like I’m sorry and I didn’t mean it) but he carries the hurt around (shown in a little red bag). ⠀

As the day goes on, the red bag gets heavier and heavier until he struggles under its weight.⠀

But then, he decides to let it go and forgive...and the red bag becomes a light bandana flowing in the breeze. And he feels so much better. ⠀

I love the last scene of showing him sleeping with a clean heart and it reminded me of the hadith about the man that slept with a clean forgiving heart each night and was declared a man of Paradise by the Prophet (s) because of it.⠀

The book ends with verses and hadith about forgiveness and Allah’s forgiviness, a table of emotions, and a little journal area to write down your own feelings.⠀

I absolutely recommend this book and feel it is a must have for every Muslim household. This is perfect for teaching all kids on how to deal with life and tackle it with optimism and forgiveness, instead of resentfulness and anger. I for sure learned from it myself as an adult! ⠀

Get yours from @kubepublishing


price: around 8 use

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