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Let's Pray!

Genre: Picture Book⠀

Ages: 4-6⠀

Price: 10 usd⠀



Islamic notes: mentions of songs (there is a “no instrument” nasheed that is on youtube that goes with the book)⠀

The story is a song book and can be used in combination with the nasheed to follow along. The nasheed is pretty catchy and my kids liked both it and the book!⠀

The five prayers are mentioned in the story, with each prayer described to be in a different time of day. A clock and sun position help kids with connecting the prayer with that time. I found the descriptions and illustrations super useful for teaching salah!!⠀

I liked how the book mentions making wudhu before praying. ⠀

I really loved how the book teaches kids to tell time and shows clocks to help them work out the time. It adds a layer of math education to the book. A note though that the clocks line up with a late summer/early fall prayer schedule. ⠀

I really liked the illustrations and setting on a farm, which made it engaging and fun for the kids.⠀

There are 6 pages of fun Wudu and Salah activities at the end, along with the full lyrics for the nasheed. (This is an engaging and fun nasheed to listen to that helps teach prayer times.) ⠀

These activities at the end continue to make me a big fan of these books!!⠀

I loved this book so much! It is such a hnique way of teaching Salah❤️⠀

Check it out!⠀

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